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Prostate Massage Tenerife

Many of our customers are looking for new erotic experiences in their lives. At Dream Massage Tenerife we open the doors to a new world of feelings and among these the most intense is the Prostate massage. Our masseuses can take you to new heights, you experience a release that can be even better than the orgasms you usually achieve. 

The prostate is the key to sexual pleasure for a man. To stimulate it, the masseuse will insert a finger inside you and gently rub, press and stroke the prostrate through the walls of your rectum. Using these techniques the prostate gland will give you an ecstatic feeling similar to the intense moments just before you orgasm normally, but now these can be skilfully controlled by the masseuses, who can give you waves of pleasure and in some cases multiple and full-body orgasms.

The Prostate Massage Tenerife is intense, it can ignite the deepest of pleasures, like nothing you have experienced. Don't be shy to ask for what you want, we can only help you experience your Erotic Dream if you tell us you desires in our safest of spaces. Every man would find this deeply satisfying - let us help you experience this ultimate pleasure.

Prostate Massage Tenerife
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