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Couples Massage

A Pleasure Shared is a Pleasure Doubled! What could be better than to experience the exquisite pleasures of our expert massage therapists, and sharing that experience with the special person in your life?

We love to welcome couples of all orientations to our studio in Palm Mar. We provide all of the massages in our menu for you and your partner lying side by side, sharing in the blissful experience. You can tailor the massage to your preferences as a couple, and you can also choose you dream masseur / masseuse pairing: 2 female masseuses or one male masseur and a female masseuse. Both combinations are equally delightful! We will chat beforehand of course to make sure no boundaries are crossed and everyone has the perfect experience!

We have another delicious option for couples too. You and one of our masseuses can massage your partner together, she will share her experience and teach you the techniques​ to bring bliss to your loved one. And then you can swap places! In this massage the pleasure is not just what your shared experience with us in Palm Mar, the techniques you learn can help you bring pleasure to each other for many years to come!

Please do WhatsApp us, let us know what you would like, and we can make this experience come true!

Couples Massage Tenerife
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