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Man To Man Massage

Our Man to Man massage is for those who prefer the stronger touch and harder toned body of our male masseur. We offer the same delights with him as we do with our female masseuses performing Body to Body massage, but with a more powerful, muscular, gym-toned male body caressing and rubbing against your own. 

This massage however is not aimed solely at our many gay male customers for whom this massage is a must. The male masseur provides a different experience that many straight men, curious to know what the intimate feel of a man's body is like, will find intoxicating. The different size of man's body over yours, the different scent, the different arousal you may experience, not stereotyped or pre-conceived, will lead to a most fascinating encounter that you may want to repeat over and over.

Curiosity is part of our human nature, is this something that you have wondered about, even fantasised about? Most men who identify as straight have had these thoughts. Now is the perfect time to act on these, why wait, we will be so happy to help you.

Man to Man - Male Massage Tenerife
Man to Man - Male Massage Tenerife
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