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4 Hands

The ultimate, exquisite pleasure: Two skilled erotic massage therapists focused only on your pleasure.

When you make your 4 Hands Massage Tenerife appointment, let us know your preference, will it be two of our beautiful female masseuses or would you like to experience the very different sensations a male and a female touch can bring? 

That decision made, the fun begins. One minute our masseuse is massaging your torso with her body whilst her friend is gently running hands up your thighs. The next minute you are sandwiched between them as they synchronise their strokes, one body rubbing on your left side, the other giving you the same intense pleasure on your right.  The dance continues as they switch roles, forming unexpected combinations, always finding new ways to arouse you that you could never imagine.

They work the back of your body with increasing intensity, anticipating your desires at the very moment you feel them. And when they ask you to turn, the pleasure amplifies as the visual fantasy plays out in front of your eyes. All of your sensations are stimulated. The pleasure is doubled to the very end as you become fully immersed in this highly erotic and intimate journey.

For many this is the most erotic and sensuous experience, everyone should know this pleasure - make this the highlight of your time in Tenerife

4 hand erotic massage tenerife
Tantric Erotic Massage Tenerife
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