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Body to Body

Our Body to Body, Erotic Massage Tenerife is an erotic symphony of touch and skin. Our naked therapist, glistening with sensuous oils, will press her naked form against yours, every caress igniting a fire deep within. With every slide and glide, your passions will rise, sending shivers of pleasure through your body. The heat rises further as her fingertips explore every inch, leaving no secret spot untouched. It's a dance of ecstasy, a tantalizing journey to a world of untamed pleasure. 


This realm of heightened sensuality is available to both male and female customers, it is something for everyone to enjoy, and can be performed by a masseur or masseuse, and taken to another level again with the addition of our Girlfriend Experience. 


As with all our massages, we respect your boundaries and ask that you respect ours. Like all of our Services there is No Sex in our Body to Body massage, we aim to take you on a different, more intimate journey. We look forward to seeing you, please use WhatsApp to come and see us!

Body to Body Massage Tenerife
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